Garden Plans > 2019: Mixal Winter/Spring

About this Garden Plan

Garden plan for winter planting at the cabin

Plan Type, Soil and Location

Garden Location: Mixal Winter/Spring
Garden Size: 39' 11" x 47' 11"
Garden Type: Other
Garden Layout: Raised Beds
Sun or Shade: -
Garden Soil Type: -

Plan Notes

Garden Plan

Plant List

 PlantNumberSpacingSpacing in RowsNotes
Apple (Dwarf) 21.00m1.00m x 1.00m 
Arugula 1615cm10cm x 20cm 
Bay 145cm45cm x 60cm 
Beet 2815cm10cm x 20cm 
Blueberry 690cm90cm x 90cm 
Carrot 12010cm10cm x 15cm 
Chives 120cm15cm x 25cm 
Cilantro 620cm15cm x 25cm 
Convolvulus 430cm30cm x 30cm 
Cranberry 160cm60cm x 60cm 
Grape Vine
 Red Flame Seedless
11.82m1.82m x 1.82m 
Hops 21.50m1.50m x 1.50m 
Johnny Jump Up 615cm15cm x 15cm 
Kale 1940cm35cm x 45cm 
13.00m3.00m x 3.00m 
Lettuce (Leaf) 19610cm10cm x 15cm 
Mache 1215cm15cm x 15cm 
Marjoram 220cm15cm x 25cm 
Mint 420cm15cm x 25cm 
Mizuna 1125cm20cm x 30cm 
Nasturtium 130cm30cm x 30cm 
Onion 2415cm10cm x 20cm 
Onions (Green) 1710cm10cm x 10cm 
Oregano 320cm15cm x 25cm 
Parsley 615cm10cm x 25cm 
Peas 2910cm10cm x 20cm 
Radish 6010cm10cm x 20cm 
Raspberry 1170cm60cm x 90cm 
Rhubarb 190cm90cm x 90cm 
Rosemary 420cm20cm x 20cm 
Spinach 3520cm20cm x 30cm 
Tatsoi 820cm20cm x 20cm 
Thyme 430cm30cm x 40cm 
Tree (Large) 14.00m4.00m x 4.00m 
Verbena (Annual) 420cm20cm x 20cm 

Planting Times

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